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SRB Impex is one of the best leading manufacturers of various style of the grinding machine in India. The SRB Impex was established in 1996 by the professional and qualified engineers. SRB IMPEX is the best automobile parts manufacturing companies in India.

Auto components manufacturer in India


The company started manufacturing grinding machines for bearing business as a result of it had been the requirement of the time. Once bearing business required grinding machines to appreciate higher production and quality at the lower investment. The company availed this opportunity and prepare the number of grinding car machines to the bearing business, that was a success and provide them auto components manufacturer in India. Spirit to the company for the growth within the field of Grinding. As the requirements altered from standard to CNC. Automotive parts manufacturer in India influenced forward and started manufacturing CNC machines, exporters of auto parts in India, however, failed to leave behind the interest of little scales business, that couldn’t afford a CNC machine.

As the necessities modified from typical to CNC, the corporate additionally touched forward and commenced manufacturing CNC machines, however, didn’t leave behind the interest of tiny scales business, that couldn’t afford a CNC machine.  SRB Impex, therefore, continues the producing of each type and CNC grinding machines. SRBIMPEX is the first automotive parts manufacturers in India, that might drill one hole per second. This machine was for quick and economical production; leading to that the piston business appreciated constant and SRB secured an honest business.

SRB Impex additional touched within the development of machines for Engine Valve business, wherever completely different machines were wont to cowl numerous operations for producing/finishing the Engine Valves. SRB designed and made the following machines:

  • CNC Face and Groove Grinding – CNC Valve Seat Grinding
  • CNC OD & Chamfer Grinding – CNC Stem-End Grinding
  • Top End Drilling

Exporters of auto parts in India


These machines area unit equipped with Automatic Loading and Unloading System, that not solely increase the assembly however additionally cut back the lads power. These developments of upper potency were once more appreciated by the business and created a hit leading to that SRB is supply these machines to its customers on regular basis. The business grew and the, therefore, additionally they want for the machine tools also enlarged. At this time, SRBIMPEX is an exporters of auto parts in India and the management restructured its producing facilities and with their knowledge and experience, they developed CNC Cam Lobe Grinding Machine. “This technical development was appreciated and rewarded with CMTI-PMT Trust award within the Year 2004”. The SRBIMPEX provides auto components manufacturer in India with the constant method of developing machines PRN by the industries from time to time.




 Exporters of auto parts in India


If looking for auto spare parts manufacturers in India and exporters of auto parts in India then SRBimpex is the best place to get the best deals

Auto components manufacturers in India 

auto components manufacturers in India
 SRBimpex is one of the leading automotive parts exporters in India and auto components manufacturers in India. They are offering the best automotive parts within the best price range.


Automotive parts Exporters in India
Automobile spare parts manufacturers in India
Auto spare parts manufacturers in India
Automotive parts manufacturer in India
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